Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bootstrapping 5

Re-enabled compilation of the native code generator for SPARC, then went through and plugged enough holes to get it to compile again. It looks like the representation of operand formats was changed in the recent Cmm work, but the SPARC code didn't keep up because it was hidden inside #ifdef blocks. Remember kids, #ifdef = evil. Besides operand formats and the missing genSwitch function, it doesn't look like the SPARC backend has rotted too badly.

All the NCG modules have recompiled, but I must have touched something at the root of the module dependency tree. It's recompiling TcRnDriver.lhs again, which has a 2MB intermediate .hc file and has been going for 40 mins.. sigh.

Spent some time comparing the .s files produced by GCC and the GCC for Sun Systems (gccfss) compiler. It seems that any .hs file compiled via gccfss generates bad .s code because it doesn't handle pinning of STG registers the way real GCC does.

Tried to speed up recompilation by slurping across the object and interface files for TcRnDriver from a previous build. For some reason it accepted TcRnDriver.hi but not Parser.hi

Bad interface file: dist-stage1/build/Parser.hi
Something is amiss; requested module ghc-6.11.20090105:Parser differs from
name found in the interface file ghc-6.11.20081231:Parser

Curses @ sensible checking of interface file versions! :) It appears as though the configure date (or latest patch date?) is part of the GHC version, so the backup build tree I squirreled away isn't going to help me. I'll have to leave it building overnight and remember not to run ./configure again.

In other news, a stage3 build of the HEAD + yesterdays patch worked, so at least the via-c path is good again (modulo epic slowness).

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