Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Strap

Implemented tabled switch, and fixed a problem when converting float to integer formats. The FSTOI instruction leaves its result in a float register, but in integer format. On at least V9 you then have to copy the value to mem and back to get it into an actual int register. Later architectures have instructions to do this without going via mem, but we're sticking with V9 for now. Perhaps we could get some speedup for FP code by using the later instruction set extensions (Vis2.0?)

The genCCall problem was that calls to out-of-line float ops like sin and exp were disabled for 32 bit floats, maybe because other things were broken before.

Also fixed a 64 bit FFI problem. Closures allocated by the storage manager are 32bit aligned, but the RTS was trying to do misaligned read/writes of 64bit words. The standard SPARC load/store instructions don't support misaligned read/writes, so had to break it them up into parts.

Looking good. A few tests still fail, but they fail the same way with all ways. I'm guessing that they are problems with Solaris or other environment stuff, and not the NCG.

I tried to do build the stage2 compiler with -fasm, but I made the foolish mistake of pulling from the head beforehand, which broken the build. Did a full distclean, but will have to leave it overnight.

OVERALL SUMMARY for test run started at Wednesday, 21 January 2009 9:05:20 AM EST
2283 total tests, which gave rise to
8531 test cases, of which
0 caused framework failures
7429 were skipped

1047 expected passes
32 expected failures
0 unexpected passes
23 unexpected failures

Unexpected failures:

cvh_unboxing(optasm) -- fixed
seward-space-leak(optasm) -- fixed
1916(optasm) -- fixed
expfloat(optasm) -- fixed
fun_insts(optasm) -- fixed
2594(optasm) -- fixed
ffi019(optasm) -- fixed
arith011(optasm) -- fixed

barton-mangler-bug(optasm) -- optc: timeout. others: ok
joao-circular(optasm) -- timeout

---- noncrash fail all ways ----

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