Thursday, January 15, 2009

Info tables

The info tables are getting broken for some reason. The Cmm code has:

{ [const Main.$wf_srt-sEl_info;, const 1;, const 2228231;]

-fvia-c gives:

.align 4
.long Main_zdwf_srt - sEl_info
.long 1
.long 2228231

but -fasm gives:

.align 4
.long Main_zdwf_srt+0 <---------- lost sE1_info
.long 1
.long 2228231

some time later..

#if sparc_TARGET_ARCH
-- ToDo: This should really be fixed in the PIC support, but only
-- print a for now.
pprImm (ImmConstantDiff a b) = pprImm a
pprImm (ImmConstantDiff a b) = pprImm a <> char '-'
<> lparen <> pprImm b <> rparen

!!!! .... sigh.

Fixed that, but it still doesn't work. Here's the code for a whole closure:

    .data                        <-------------------------------- data
.align 8
.global Main_a_srt
.long Main_lvl_closure
.long base_GHCziHandle_stdout_closure
.long base_GHCziIO_a28_closure
.align 8
.global Main_a_closure
.long Main_a_info
.long 0
.text <-------------------------------- text
.align 4
.long Main_a_srt-(Main_a_info)+0 <-------- offset text to data
.long 196609
.long 0
.long 983047
.global Main_a_info
sethi %hi(base_GHCziHandle_stdout_closure),%l2
or %l2,%lo(base_GHCziHandle_stdout_closure),%l2
sethi %hi(Main_lvl_closure),%l3
or %l3,%lo(Main_lvl_closure),%l3
call base_GHCziIO_a28_info,0

SRTs (Static Resource Table?) are supposibly used for garbage collecting CAFs, but the GHC commentary page on them seems out of date, or missing. In any event, the assembler can't make an offset between labels in .text and .data segments. In some architectures .text and .data use entirely separate address spaces. This probably got broken in a previous GHC release when info tables were moved to be next to the code. Checking against x86 reveals it does the same thing, but the x86 assembler is ok with cross segment offsets.

I ended up just changing the pretty printer so it prints out ReadOnlyData segments as .text, which is a bit nasty. I'll be able to handle this in a nicer way when the sparc NCG is factored out into its own set of modules.


56 expected passes
1 expected failures
0 unexpected passes
3 unexpected failures

Unexpected failures:
2080(optasm) -- wrong output
cg015(optasm) -- unknown unary match op
cg054(optasm) -- genSwitch

That seems to have fixed the seg faulting ones.

Working on 2080.hs

-- cmm code is
_sFv::I32 = %MO_UU_Conv_W8_W32(I8[R2]); <--- load unsigned
_sFx::I32 = _sFv::I32;
_cG7::I32 = %MO_S_Le_W32(_sFx::I32, 127);
if (_cG7::I32 >= 1) goto cGa;

-- -fvia-c gives:
ldub [%l2], %g1 <--- load unsigned
cmp %g1, 127
ble,pt %icc, .LL5
sethi %hi(ghczmprim_GHCziBool_True_closure), %g1

-- -fasm gives:
ldsb [%l2],%l0 <--- load signed
srl %l0,0,%l0 <--- nop
cmp %l0,127
ble .LcGa

This was an easy operand format problem. However, I did notice that the Cmm code only ever loads unsigned data, like I8[R2]. If you were going to load signed data it would be better to use the sparc ldsb instruction which sign extends the byte in one go, versus doing an unsigned load then sign extending it separately. Another task for a simple peephole optimizer....

Also fixed the unknown unary match op problem - sign extension code was unfinished. genSwitch here we come.

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